How to install and point to Python GDAL library on App Engine (Standard)?

Django is firing this error locally:

django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: Could not find the GDAL library (tried "gdal", "GDAL", "gdal3.2.0", "gdal3.1.0", "gdal3.0.0", "gdal2.4.0", "gdal2.3.0", "gdal2.2.0", "gdal2.1.0", "gdal2.0.0"). Is GDAL installed? If it is, try setting GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH in your settings.

Here's an example of how the path should look in settings: GDAL_LIBRARY_PATH = r'C:\OSGeo4W64\bin\gdal300' Now this is an easy, well documented fix locally, but we're quite far along with App Engine Standard on GCP (Python 3). There's a GDAL package that seems to be installable by pip but it also seems there's also native extensions/headers required.

How can I meet this requirement? Can I install GDAL in app engine either in a specific directory or install with an understanding of where it is?

Note: Willing to do any kind of workaround like host it remotely (probably not allowed) or even try a different library for lat-long distance filtering. Though for the latter it must accept and return a queryset via queryset.filter() in Django so I doubt there are other Django options. Perhaps running PSQL query directly on a queryset?

The only solution I found and examined were vendor packages and lib. But it looks like this is no longer an option ( for Python 3 for Standard.

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