How to convert a string to a datetime?

I'm trying to run a row query with objects. I have a tran_date field which is look like: '2022062519:14:47' I think because of that I'm getting this error:

django.db.utils.DataError: date/time field value out of range: "2022062519:22:54" LINE 1: ...HERE merch_id = '510000022048730' and tran_date = '202206251...

Here is my code:

medium_prob = ProcessTransaction.objects.raw('SELECT * '
                                                                 'FROM bvb_generaltransaction '
                                                                 'WHERE merch_id = %s and tran_date = %s::DATE '
                                                                 'and probabilty >= 0.8 and alerted= false',
                                                                 [str(merchant.merch_id), str(merchant.tran_date)])

How can I solve that?

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