MS Access slow with remote database - switch to web app? [closed]

I have many ms access apps with databases hosted on-site at the clients facilities... however, some clients have move to virtual remote servers to host the databases (SQL Server) and it has caused a performance issue on the front end. I have looked through my code, made sure queries are pulling minimal data, etc. but it is still a laggy experience. My only thoughts are to force the client to move data back on site (not great since some share data between multiple remote sites, so only one site would see an improvement), or maybe get them to upgrade to a better server situation (faster? more ram? not sure...).

In any case - it might be time to move to something beyond Access. Access can do great things, but it is hard for me to give people access offsite (at least quick access), and clients are always wanting to use 'ipads'... and rather than buying windows tablets, and worry about versions of office, etc. it may be time to move to a web interface. I could add a webserver internally and make it available to the outside via VPN only... it would be secure that way (well, as secure as their network firewall, but that isn't my concern). I think it would be a good move after all these years, and once I had something built, I could start to migrate my clients.

However, I am not 'up to date' with web development. All my (limited) PHP/HTML skills are gone.. as are my minimal C++ skills. I pretty much only have VBA/SQL right now to work with. But I think moving to Python/Django or Ruby (on Rails) might be a good choice... any suggestions/reasons to go a certain way. I would want it to operate similar to Access (forms for entry, reports, etc.), but would not have to be built in the same way as access.

So my two questions are am I out of luck with Access and remote (cloud) hosted databases? If I were to move to a web interface (rather than Access front-end) what is my best development platform?

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