Unexpected pylance behaviour with Django vscode

I have Django project written with VScode When I open it on another machine I'm starting to receive errors from pylance. I compared all settings.

Example of mistake: "user" is not a known member of "None" "GET" is not a known member of "None" "ingredient" is possibly unbound

All the packages from requirements.txt, the same version of python as original etc. screenshot

I've reinstalled IDE, python and extensions. It didn't work, so I have no idea what's the reason.

Are the two machines the same version of the extension? Please make sure to install the latest version of Pylance.

You can also ignore these errors using the following configuration.

    "python.analysis.diagnosticSeverityOverrides": {
        "reportOptionalMemberAccess": "none",
        "reportUnboundVariable": "none"
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