How to save history from django-simple-history in different database?

i'm new with django and currently i'm trying to implement django-simple-history in my project, but i found a problem, i want to save my object in the default database and the history in a different database, i found that i can indicate the history model to not use the main database like this:

history = HistoricalRecords(use_base_model_db=False)

But i can't find any information about how to achive that

I know that I can save the object in a specific database like this:"database_name")

or select which database to use:

poll = Poll.objects.using('other').create(question='Question 1')

I know that only calling save() will store the object in the default database but i don't know how to save only the historical object in a different database.

Anyone can help me with this?

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