Django pass value to subquery inside annotate in a query set with mptt

i have a class based on ListCreateAPIView where i'm modifing get_queryset method.. i need pass inside a subquery for an annotate a paramether but seem OutherRef dosen't work

i'm using Mptt library .... subqueryItem works fine, subqueryNested instead says "This queryset contains a reference to an outer query and may only be used in a subquery."

  def get_queryset(self):
    queryset = super().get_queryset()

        subqueryItem = Subquery(Item.objects.filter(category=OuterRef('id')).order_by()
                        .values('count'), output_field=IntegerField())

        subqueryNested = Subquery(Item.objects.filter(category__in=ItemCategory.objects.get(pk=OuterRef('id')).get_descendants(include_self=True)).order_by()
                        .values('count'), output_field=IntegerField())

        queryset = queryset.annotate(
            collcount        = Coalesce(subqueryItem, 0),
            collcountdeep    = Coalesce(subqueryNested, 0),
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