Scandics in django admin log

I'm using python 3.7/django 3.2/Mezzanine6.0 and due to use of Mezzanine the entries of django admin log become seen by users in the page history:

enter image description here

All page history is ugly (compared what it used to be with python2.7/django 1.8/Mezzanine4.0 as there wasn't seen any unnecessary brackets, but there seem to be no answer in the whole net for that problem ), but it would be nice to have at least the scandics correctly written in the page history, i.e. "Däte of birth instead" of "D\u00e4te of birth".

clip from

class Author(Page):
    dob = models.DateField("Däte of birth", null=True)

Can anybody help with the scandics ?

All program code is available in

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