Process remind to user on exact date and time in django

So I have notification system in place.For example when sending a task to user, user get a notification within my system. Right now I have only "instant" notifications. so when I send a task to someone, a notification is created in the db, and via web-socket the user is notified with the data of the notification.

With the Reminder I have the problem, that the notification I want to send here is not necessarily "instant". I want to set the date to next Monday on 9 am. so User should receive the notification on Monday 9 am.

Question: Is there an extension in django (or onboard methods) where I can execute stuff delayed? For example, send notification with the following data on Monday 9 am.

Celery can be used to schedule and defer tasks.

Here's and example of how to schedule for a specific time.

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