Django + JS-Framework vs Django + native Javascript

I'm currently developing a website with a friend (Django + Django Templates with Bootstrap). It started as a learning project so we altered a lot during the development process. The project has around 30K to 40K lines of code and we tried a rather component based approach by including often used code fragments from external files with the django template language. By now, even if it started out as a learning project, we want to take it online when it's finished so it's supposed to handle mid to high web traffic in production.

The question we're asking ourselves now is if it's worth migrating to a JS-Framework like Svelte or React since we'd like the website to be as fast as possible and we'd like to migrate it into a SPA. Would there be a benefit in using a framework like Svelte for realizing such goals or would this approach also be a suitable option for us?

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