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Release Notes


Minor version numbers (0.0.x) are used for changes that are API compatible. You should be able to upgrade between minor point releases without any other code changes.

Medium version numbers (0.x.0) may include API changes, in line with the deprecation policy. You should read the release notes carefully before upgrading between medium point releases.

Major version numbers (x.0.0) are reserved for substantial project milestones.

Deprecation policy

REST framework releases follow a formal deprecation policy, which is in line with Django’s deprecation policy.

The timeline for deprecation of a feature present in version 1.0 would work as follows:

  • Version 1.1 would remain fully backwards compatible with 1.0, but would raise RemovedInDRF13Warning warnings, subclassing PendingDeprecationWarning, if you use the feature that are due to be deprecated. These warnings are silent by default, but can be explicitly enabled when you’re ready to start migrating any required changes. For example if you start running your tests using python -Wd manage.py test, you’ll be warned of any API changes you need to make.

  • Version 1.2 would escalate these warnings to subclass DeprecationWarning, which is loud by default.

  • Version 1.3 would remove the deprecated bits of API entirely.

Note that in line with Django’s policy, any parts of the framework not mentioned in the documentation should generally be considered private API, and may be subject to change.


To upgrade Django REST framework to the latest version, use pip:

pip install -U djangorestframework

You can determine your currently installed version using pip show:

pip show djangorestframework

3.12.x series


Date: 26th March 2021

  • Revert use of deque instead of list for tracking throttling .history. (Due to incompatibility with DjangoRedis cache backend. See #7870) [#7872]


Date: 25th March 2021

  • Properly handle ATOMIC_REQUESTS when multiple database configurations are used. [#7739]

  • Bypass COUNT query when LimitOffsetPagination is configured but pagination params are not included on the request. [#6098]

  • Respect allow_null=True on DecimalField. [#7718]

  • Allow title cased "Yes"/"No" values with BooleanField. [#7739]

  • Add PageNumberPagination.get_page_number() method for overriding behavior. [#7652]

  • Fixed rendering of timedelta values in OpenAPI schemas, when present as default, min, or max fields. [#7641]

  • Render JSONFields with indentation in browsable API forms. [#6243]

  • Remove unnecessary database query in admin Token views. [#7852]

  • Raise validation errors when bools are passed to PrimaryKeyRelatedField fields, instead of casting to ints. [#7597]

  • Don’t include model properties as automatically generated ordering fields with OrderingFilter. [#7609]

  • Use deque instead of list for tracking throttling .history. [#7849]


Date: 13th October 2020

  • Fix issue if rest_framework.authtoken.models is imported, but rest_framework.authtoken is not in INSTALLED_APPS. [#7571]

  • Ignore subclasses of BrowsableAPIRenderer in OpenAPI schema. [#7497]

  • Narrower exception catching in serilizer fields, to ensure that any errors in broken get_queryset() methods are not masked. [#7480]


Date: 28th September 2020

  • Add TokenProxy migration. [#7557]


Date: 28th September 2020

  • Add --file option to generateschema command. [#7130]

  • Support tags for OpenAPI schema generation. See the schema docs. [#7184]

  • Support customising the operation ID for schema generation. See the schema docs. [#7190]

  • Support OpenAPI components for schema generation. See the schema docs. [#7124]

  • The following methods on AutoSchema become public API: get_path_parameters, get_pagination_parameters, get_filter_parameters, get_request_body, get_responses, get_serializer, get_paginator, map_serializer, map_field, map_choice_field, map_field_validators, allows_filters. See the schema docs

  • Add support for Django 3.1’s database-agnositic JSONField. [#7467]

  • SearchFilter now supports nested search on JSONField and HStoreField model fields. [#7121]

  • SearchFilter now supports searching on annotate() fields. [#6240]

  • The authtoken model no longer exposes the pk in the admin URL. [#7341]

  • Add __repr__ for Request instances. [#7239]

  • UTF-8 decoding with Latin-1 fallback for basic auth credentials. [#7193]

  • CharField treats surrogate characters as a validation failure. [#7026]

  • Don’t include callables as default values in schemas. [#7105]

  • Improve ListField schema output to include all available child information. [#7137]

  • Allow default=False to be included for BooleanField schema outputs. [#7165]

  • Include "type" information in ChoiceField schema outputs. [#7161]

  • Include "type": "object" on schema objects. [#7169]

  • Don’t include component in schema output for DELETE requests. [#7229]

  • Fix schema types for DecimalField. [#7254]

  • Fix schema generation for ObtainAuthToken view. [#7211]

  • Support passing context=... to view .get_serializer() methods. [#7298]

  • Pass custom code to PermissionDenied if permission class has one set. [#7306]

  • Include “example” in schema pagination output. [#7275]

  • Default status code of 201 on schema output for POST requests. [#7206]

  • Use camelCase for operation IDs in schema output. [#7208]

  • Warn if duplicate operation IDs exist in schema output. [#7207]

  • Improve handling of decimal type when mapping ChoiceField to a schema output. [#7264]

  • Disable YAML aliases for OpenAPI schema outputs. [#7131]

  • Fix action URL names for APIs included under a namespaced URL. [#7287]

  • Update jQuery version from 3.4 to 3.5. [#7313]

  • Fix UniqueTogether handling when serializer fields use source=.... [#7143]

  • HTTP HEAD requests now set self.action correctly on a ViewSet instance. [#7223]

  • Return a valid OpenAPI schema for the case where no API schema paths exist. [#7125]

  • Include tests in package distribution. [#7145]

  • Allow type checkers to support annotations like ModelSerializer[Author]. [#7385]

  • Don’t include invalid charset=None portion in the request Content-Type header when using APIClient. [#7400]

  • Fix \Z/\z tokens in OpenAPI regexs. [#7389]

  • Fix PrimaryKeyRelatedField and HyperlinkedRelatedField when source field is actually a property. [#7142]

  • Token.generate_key is now a class method. [#7502]

  • @action warns if method is wrapped in a decorator that does not preserve information using @functools.wraps. [#7098]

3.11.x series


Date: 30th September 2020

  • Security: Drop urlize_quoted_links template tag in favour of Django’s built-in urlize. Removes a XSS vulnerability for some kinds of content in the browsable API.


Date: 5th August 2020

  • Fix compat with Django 3.1


Date: 12th December 2019

  • Drop .set_context API in favour of a ``requires_context:doc:` marker <3.11-announcement.md#validator-default-context>`.

  • Changed default widget for TextField with choices to select box. #6892

  • Supported nested writes on non-relational fields, such as JSONField. #6916

  • Include request/response media types in OpenAPI schemas, based on configured parsers/renderers. #6865

  • Include operation descriptions in OpenAPI schemas, based on the docstring on the view. #6898

  • Fix representation of serializers with all optional fields in OpenAPI schemas. #6941, #6944

  • Fix representation of serializers.HStoreField in OpenAPI schemas. #6914

  • Fix OpenAPI generation when title or version is not provided. #6912

  • Use int64 representation for large integers in OpenAPI schemas. #7018

  • Improved error messages if no .to_representation implementation is provided on a field subclass. #6996

  • Fix for serializer classes that use multiple inheritance. #6980

  • Fix for reversing Hyperlinked URL fields with percent encoded components in the path. #7059

  • Update bootstrap to 3.4.1. #6923

3.10.x series


Date: 4th September 2019

  • Include API version in OpenAPI schema generation, defaulting to empty string.

  • Add pagination properties to OpenAPI response schemas.

  • Add missing “description” property to OpenAPI response schemas.

  • Only include “required” for non-empty cases in OpenAPI schemas.

  • Fix response schemas for “DELETE” case in OpenAPI schemas.

  • Use an array type for list view response schemas.

  • Use consistent lowerInitialCamelCase style in OpenAPI operation IDs.

  • Fix minLength/maxLength/minItems/maxItems properties in OpenAPI schemas.

  • Only call FileField.url once in serialization, for improved performance.

  • Fix an edge case where throttling calculations could error after a configuration change.


Date: 29th July 2019

  • Various OpenAPI schema fixes.

  • Ability to specify urlconf in include_docs_urls.


Date: 17th July 2019

  • Don’t include autocomplete fields on TokenAuth admin, since it forces constraints on custom user models & admin.

  • Require uritemplate for OpenAPI schema generation, but not coreapi.


Date: 15th July 2019

  • Switch to OpenAPI schema generation.

  • Drop Python 2 support.

  • Add generateschema --generator_class CLI option

  • Updated PyYaml dependency for OpenAPI schema generation to pyyaml>=5.1 #6680

  • Resolve DeprecationWarning with markdown. #6317

  • Use user.get_username in templates, in preference to user.username.

  • Fix for cursor pagination issue that could occur after object deletions.

  • Fix for nullable fields with source="*"

  • Always apply all throttle classes during throttling checks.

  • Updates to jQuery and Markdown dependencies.

  • Don’t strict disallow redundant SerializerMethodField field name arguments.

  • Don’t render extra actions in browable API if not authenticated.

  • Strip null characters from search parameters.

  • Deprecate the detail_route decorator in favor of action, which accepts a detail bool. Use @action(detail=True) instead. gh6687

  • Deprecate the list_route decorator in favor of action, which accepts a detail bool. Use @action(detail=False) instead. gh6687

3.9.x series


Date: 10th May 2019

This is a maintenance release that fixes an error handling bug under Python 2.


Date: 29th April 2019

This is the last Django REST Framework release that will support Python 2. Be sure to upgrade to Python 3 before upgrading to Django REST Framework 3.10.

  • Adjusted the compat check for django-guardian to allow the last guardian version (v1.4.9) compatible with Python 2. #6613


Date: 3rd March 2019

  • Routers: invalidate _urls cache on register() #6407

  • Deferred schema renderer creation to avoid requiring pyyaml. #6416

  • Added ‘request_forms’ block to base.html #6340

  • Fixed SchemaView to reset renderer on exception. #6429

  • Update Django Guardian dependency. #6430

  • Ensured support for Django 2.2 #6422 & #6455

  • Made templates compatible with session-based CSRF. #6207

  • Adjusted field validators to accept non-list iterables. #6282

  • Added SearchFilter.get_search_fields() hook. #6279

  • Fix DeprecationWarning when accessing collections.abc classes via collections #6268

  • Allowed Q objects in limit_choices_to introspection. #6472

  • Added lazy evaluation to composed permissions. #6463

  • Add negation ~ operator to permissions composition #6361

  • Avoided calling distinct on annotated fields in SearchFilter. #6240

  • Introduced RemovedInDRF…Warning classes to simplify deprecations. #6480


Date: 16th January 2019

  • Resolve XSS issue in browsable API. #6330

  • Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.4.0 to resolve XSS issue.

  • Resolve issues with composable permissions. #6299

  • Respect limit_choices_to on foreign keys. #6371


Date: 18th October 2018

  • Improvements to ViewSet extra actions #5605

  • Fix action support for ViewSet suffixes #6081

  • Allow action docs sections #6060

  • Deprecate the Router.register base_name argument in favor of basename. #5990

  • Deprecate the Router.get_default_base_name method in favor of Router.get_default_basename. #5990

  • Change CharField to disallow null bytes. #6073 To revert to the old behavior, subclass CharField and remove ProhibitNullCharactersValidator from the validators. .. code-block:: python

    class NullableCharField(serializers.CharField):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):

    super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.validators = [v for v in self.validators if not isinstance(v, ProhibitNullCharactersValidator)]

  • Add OpenAPIRenderer and generate_schema management command. #6229

  • Add OpenAPIRenderer by default, and add schema docs. #6233

  • Allow permissions to be composed #5753

  • Allow nullable BooleanField in Django 2.1 #6183

  • Add testing of Python 3.7 support #6141

  • Test using Django 2.1 final release. #6109

  • Added djangorestframework-datatables to third-party packages #5931

  • Change ISO 8601 date format to exclude year/month-only options #5936

  • Update all pypi.python.org URLs to pypi.org #5942

  • Ensure that html forms (multipart form data) respect optional fields #5927

  • Allow hashing of ErrorDetail. #5932

  • Correct schema parsing for JSONField #5878

  • Render descriptions (from help_text) using safe #5869

  • Removed input value from deault_error_message #5881

  • Added min_value/max_value support in DurationField #5643

  • Fixed instance being overwritten in pk-only optimization try/except block #5747

  • Fixed AttributeError from items filter when value is None #5981

  • Fixed Javascript e.indexOf is not a function error #5982

  • Fix schemas for extra actions #5992

  • Improved get_error_detail to use error_dict/error_list #5785

  • Improved URLs in Admin renderer #5988

  • Add “Community” section to docs, minor cleanup #5993

  • Moved guardian imports out of compat #6054

  • Deprecate the DjangoObjectPermissionsFilter class, moved to the djangorestframework-guardian package. #6075

  • Drop Django 1.10 support #5657

  • Only catch TypeError/ValueError for object lookups #6028

  • Handle models without .objects manager in ModelSerializer. #6111

  • Improve ModelSerializer.create() error message. #6112

  • Fix CSRF cookie check failure when using session auth with django 1.11.6+ #6113

  • Updated JWT docs. #6138

  • Fix autoescape not getting passed to urlize_quoted_links filter #6191

3.8.x series


Date: 6th April 2018

  • Fix read_only + default unique_together validation. #5922

  • authtoken.views import coreapi from rest_framework.compat, not directly. #5921

  • Docs: Add missing argument ‘detail’ to Route #5920


Date: 4th April 2018

  • Use old url_name behavior in route decorators #5915

    For list_route and detail_route maintain the old behavior of url_name, basing it on the url_path instead of the function name.


Date: 3rd April 2018

  • Breaking Change: Alter read_only plus default behaviour. #5886

    read_only fields will now always be excluded from writable fields.

    Previously read_only fields with a default value would use the default for create and update operations.

    In order to maintain the old behaviour you may need to pass the value of read_only fields when calling save() in the view:

       def perform_create(self, serializer):
    Alternatively you may override ``save()`` or ``create()`` or ``update()`` on the serializer as appropriate.
  • Correct allow_null behaviour when required=False #5888

    Without an explicit default, allow_null implies a default of null for outgoing serialization. Previously such fields were being skipped when read-only or otherwise not required.

    Possible backwards compatibility break if you were relying on such fields being excluded from the outgoing representation. In order to restore the old behaviour you can override data to exclude the field when None.

    For example:

    def data(self):
        Drop `maybe_none` field if None.
        data = super().data
        if 'maybe_none' in data and data['maybe_none'] is None:
            del data['maybe_none']
        return data
  • Refactor dynamic route generation and improve viewset action introspectibility. #5705

    ViewSets have been provided with new attributes and methods that allow it to introspect its set of actions and the details of the current action.

    • Merged list_route and detail_route into a single action decorator.

    • Get all extra actions on a ViewSet with .get_extra_actions().

    • Extra actions now set the url_name and url_path on the decorated method.

    • url_name is now based on the function name, instead of the url_path, as the path is not always suitable (e.g., capturing arguments in the path).

    • Enable action url reversing through .reverse_action() method (added in 3.7.4)

    • Example reverse call: self.reverse_action(self.custom_action.url_name)

    • Add detail initkwarg to indicate if the current action is operating on a collection or a single instance.

      Additional changes:

    • Deprecated list_route & detail_route in favor of action decorator with detail boolean.

    • Deprecated dynamic list/detail route variants in favor of DynamicRoute with detail boolean.

    • Refactored the router’s dynamic route generation.

    • list_route and detail_route maintain the old behavior of url_name, basing it on the url_path instead of the function name.

  • Fix formatting of the 3.7.4 release note #5704

  • Docs: Update DRF Writable Nested Serializers references #5711

  • Docs: Fixed typo in auth URLs example. #5713

  • Improve composite field child errors #5655

  • Disable HTML inputs for dict/list fields #5702

  • Fix typo in HostNameVersioning doc #5709

  • Use rsplit to get module and classname for imports #5712

  • Formalize URLPatternsTestCase #5703

  • Add exception translation test #5700

  • Test staticfiles #5701

  • Add drf-yasg to documentation and schema 3rd party packages #5720

  • Remove unused compat._resolve_model() #5733

  • Drop compat workaround for unsupported Python 3.2 #5734

  • Prefer iter(dict) over iter(dict.keys()) #5736

  • Pass python_requires argument to setuptools #5739

  • Remove unused links from docs #5735

  • Prefer https protocol for links in docs when available #5729

  • Add HStoreField, postgres fields tests #5654

  • Always fully qualify ValidationError in docs #5751

  • Remove unreachable code from ManualSchema #5766

  • Allowed customising API documentation code samples #5752

  • Updated docs to use pip show #5757

  • Load ‘static’ instead of ‘staticfiles’ in templates #5773

  • Fixed a typo in fields docs #5783

  • Refer to “NamespaceVersioning” instead of “NamespacedVersioning” in the documentation #5754

  • ErrorDetail: add __eq__/__ne__ and __repr__ #5787

  • Replace background-attachment: fixed in docs #5777

  • Make 404 & 403 responses consistent with exceptions.APIException output #5763

  • Small fix to API documentation: schemas #5796

  • Fix schema generation for PrimaryKeyRelatedField #5764

  • Represent serializer DictField as an Object in schema #5765

  • Added docs example reimplementing ObtainAuthToken #5802

  • Add schema to the ObtainAuthToken view #5676

  • Fix request formdata handling #5800

  • Fix authtoken views imports #5818

  • Update pytest, isort #5815 #5817 #5894

  • Fixed active timezone handling for non ISO8601 datetimes. #5833

  • Made TemplateHTMLRenderer render IntegerField inputs when value is 0. #5834

  • Corrected endpoint in tutorial instructions #5835

  • Add Django Rest Framework Role Filters to Third party packages #5809

  • Use single copy of static assets. Update jQuery #5823

  • Changes ternary conditionals to be PEP308 compliant #5827

  • Added links to ‘A Todo List API with React’ and ‘Blog API’ tutorials #5837

  • Fix comment typo in ModelSerializer #5844

  • Add admin to installed apps to avoid test failures. #5870

  • Fixed schema for UUIDField in SimpleMetadata. #5872

  • Corrected docs on router include with namespaces. #5843

  • Test using model objects for dotted source default #5880

  • Allow traversing nullable related fields #5849

  • Added: Tutorial: Django REST with React (Django 2.0) #5891

  • Add LimitOffsetPagination.get_count to allow method override #5846

  • Don’t show hidden fields in metadata #5854

  • Enable OrderingFilter to handle an empty tuple (or list) for the ‘ordering’ field. #5899

  • Added generic 500 and 400 JSON error handlers. #5904

3.7.x series


Date: 21st December 2017

  • Fix typo to include *.mo locale files to packaging. #5697, #5695


Date: 21st December 2017

  • Add missing *.ico icon files to packaging.


Date: 21st December 2017

  • Add missing *.woff2 font files to packaging. #5692

  • Add missing *.mo locale files to packaging. #5695, #5696


Date: 20th December 2017

  • Schema: Extract method for manual_fields processing #5633

    Allows for easier customisation of manual_fields processing, for example to provide per-method manual fields. AutoSchema adds get_manual_fields, as the intended override point, and a utility method update_fields, to handle by-name field replacement from a list, which, in general, you are not expected to override.

    Note: AutoSchema.__init__ now ensures manual_fields is a list. Previously may have been stored internally as None.

  • Remove ulrparse compatibility shim; use six instead #5579

  • Drop compat wrapper for TimeDelta.total_seconds() #5577

  • Clean up all whitespace throughout project #5578

  • Compat cleanup #5581

  • Add pygments CSS block in browsable API views #5584 #5587

  • Remove set_rollback() from compat #5591

  • Fix request body/POST access #5590

  • Rename test to reference correct issue #5610

  • Documentation Fixes #5611 #5612

  • Remove references to unsupported Django versions in docs and code #5602

  • Test Serializer exclude for declared fields #5599

  • Fixed schema generation for filter backends #5613

  • Minor cleanup for ModelSerializer tests #5598

  • Reimplement request attribute access w/ __getattr__ #5617

  • Fixed SchemaJSRenderer renders invalid Javascript #5607

  • Make Django 2.0 support official/explicit #5619

  • Perform type check on passed request argument #5618

  • Fix AttributeError hiding on request authenticators #5600

  • Update test requirements #5626

  • Docs: Serializer._declared_fields enable modifying fields on a serializer #5629

  • Fix packaging #5624

  • Fix readme rendering for PyPI, add readme build to CI #5625

  • Update tutorial #5622

  • Non-required fields with allow_null=True should not imply a default value #5639

  • Docs: Add allow_null serialization output note #5641

  • Update to use the Django 2.0 release in tox.ini #5645

  • Fix Serializer.data for Browsable API rendering when provided invalid data #5646

  • Docs: Note AutoSchema limitations on bare APIView #5649

  • Add .basename and .reverse_action() to ViewSet #5648

  • Docs: Fix typos in serializers documentation #5652

  • Fix override_settings compat #5668

  • Add DEFAULT_SCHEMA_CLASS setting #5658

  • Add docs note re generated BooleanField being required=False #5665

  • Add ‘dist’ build #5656

  • Fix typo in docstring #5678

  • Docs: Add UNAUTHENTICATED_USER = None note #5679

  • Update OPTIONS example from “Documenting Your API” #5680

  • Docs: Add note on object permissions for FBVs #5681

  • Docs: Add example to to_representation docs #5682

  • Add link to Classy DRF in docs #5683

  • Document ViewSet.action #5685

  • Fix schema docs typo #5687

  • Fix URL pattern parsing in schema generation #5689

  • Add example using source=‘*’ to custom field docs. #5688

  • Fix format_suffix_patterns behavior with Django 2 path() routes #5691


Date: 6th November 2017

  • Fix AppRegistryNotReady error from contrib.auth view imports #5567


Date: 6th November 2017

  • Fixed Django 2.1 compatibility due to removal of django.contrib.auth.login()/logout() views. #5510

  • Add missing import for TextLexer. #5512

  • Adding examples and documentation for caching #5514

  • Include date and date-time format for schema generation #5511

  • Use triple backticks for markdown code blocks #5513

  • Interactive docs - make bottom sidebar items sticky #5516

  • Clarify pagination system check #5524

  • Stop JSONBoundField mangling invalid JSON #5527

  • Have JSONField render as textarea in Browsable API #5530

  • Schema: Exclude OPTIONS/HEAD for ViewSet actions #5532

  • Fix ordering for dotted sources #5533

  • Fix: Fields with allow_null=True should imply a default serialization value #5518

  • Ensure Location header is strictly a ‘str’, not subclass. #5544

  • Add import to example in api-guide/parsers #5547

  • Catch OverflowError for “out of range” datetimes #5546

  • Add djangorestframework-rapidjson to third party packages #5549

  • Increase test coverage for drf_create_token command #5550

  • Add trove classifier for Python 3.6 support. #5555

  • Add pip cache support to the Travis CI configuration #5556

  • Rename [wheel] section to [bdist_wheel] as the former is legacy #5557

  • Fix invalid escape sequence deprecation warnings #5560

  • Add interactive docs error template #5548

  • Add rounding parameter to DecimalField #5562

  • Fix all BytesWarning caught during tests #5561

  • Use dict and set literals instead of calls to dict() and set() #5559

  • Change ImageField validation pattern, use validators from DjangoImageField #5539

  • Fix processing unicode symbols in query_string by Python 2 #5552


Date: 16th October 2017

  • Fix Interactive documentation always uses false for boolean fields in requests #5492

  • Improve compatibility with Django 2.0 alpha. #5500 #5503

  • Improved handling of schema naming collisions #5486

  • Added additional docs and tests around providing a default value for dotted source fields #5489


Date: 6th October 2017

  • Fix DjangoModelPermissions to ensure user authentication before calling the view’s get_queryset() method. As a side effect, this changes the order of the HTTP method permissions and authentication checks, and 405 responses will only be returned when authenticated. If you want to replicate the old behavior, see the PR for details. #5376

  • Deprecated exclude_from_schema on APIView and api_view decorator. Set schema = None or @schema(None) as appropriate. #5422

  • Timezone-aware DateTimeFields now respect active or default timezone during serialization, instead of always using UTC. #5435

    Resolves inconsistency whereby instances were serialized with supplied datetime for create but UTC for retrieve. #3732

    Possible backwards compatibility break if you were relying on datetime strings being UTC. Have client interpret datetimes or set default or active timezone (docs) to UTC if needed.

  • Removed DjangoFilterBackend inline with deprecation policy. Use django_filters.rest_framework.FilterSet and/or django_filters.rest_framework.DjangoFilterBackend instead. #5273

  • Don’t strip microseconds from time when encoding. Makes consistent with datetime.

    BC Change: Previously only milliseconds were encoded. #5440

  • Added STRICT_JSON setting (default True) to raise exception for the extended float values (nan, inf, -inf) accepted by Python’s json module.

    BC Change: Previously these values would converted to corresponding strings. Set STRICT_JSON to False to restore the previous behaviour. #5265

  • Add support for page_size parameter in CursorPaginator class #5250

  • Make DEFAULT_PAGINATION_CLASS None by default.

    BC Change: If your were just setting PAGE_SIZE to enable pagination you will need to add DEFAULT_PAGINATION_CLASS. The previous default was rest_framework.pagination.PageNumberPagination. There is a system check warning to catch this case. You may silence that if you are setting pagination class on a per-view basis. #5170

  • Catch APIException from get_serializer_fields in schema generation. #5443

  • Allow custom authentication and permission classes when using include_docs_urls #5448

  • Defer translated string evaluation on validators. #5452

  • Added default value for ‘detail’ param into ‘ValidationError’ exception #5342

  • Adjust schema get_filter_fields rules to match framework #5454

  • Updated test matrix to add Django 2.0 and drop Django 1.8 & 1.9

    BC Change: This removes Django 1.8 and Django 1.9 from Django REST Framework supported versions. #5457

  • Fixed a deprecation warning in serializers.ModelField #5058

  • Added a more explicit error message when get_queryset returned None #5348

  • Fix docs for Response data description #5361

  • Fix pycache/.pyc excludes when packaging #5373

  • Fix default value handling for dotted sources #5375

  • Ensure content_type is set when passing empty body to RequestFactory #5351

  • Fix ErrorDetail Documentation #5380

  • Allow optional content in the generic content form #5372

  • Updated supported values for the NullBooleanField #5387

  • Fix ModelSerializer custom named fields with source on model #5388

  • Fixed the MultipleFieldLookupMixin documentation example to properly check for object level permission #5398

  • Update get_object() example in permissions.md #5401

  • Fix authtoken management command #5415

  • Fix schema generation markdown #5421

  • Allow ChoiceField.choices to be set dynamically #5426

  • Add the project layout to the quickstart #5434

  • Reuse ‘apply_markdown’ function in ‘render_markdown’ templatetag #5469

  • Added links to drf-openapi package in docs #5470

  • Added docstrings code highlighting with pygments #5462

  • Fixed documentation rendering for views named data #5472

  • Docs: Clarified ‘to_internal_value()’ validation behavior #5466

  • Fix missing six.text_type() call on APIException.str #5476

  • Document documentation.py #5478

  • Fix naming collisions in Schema Generation #5464

  • Call Django’s authenticate function with the request object #5295

  • Update coreapi JS to 0.1.1 #5479

  • Have is_list_view recognise RetrieveModel… views #5480

  • Remove Django 1.8 & 1.9 compatibility code #5481

  • Remove deprecated schema code from DefaultRouter #5482

  • Refactor schema generation to allow per-view customisation.

    BC Change: SchemaGenerator.get_serializer_fields has been refactored as AutoSchema.get_serializer_fields and drops the view argument [#5354][gh5354]

3.6.x series


Date: 21st August 2017

  • Ignore any invalidly formed query parameters for OrderingFilter. #5131

  • Improve memory footprint when reading large JSON requests. #5147

  • Fix schema generation for pagination. #5161

  • Fix exception when HTML_CUTOFF is set to None. #5174

  • Fix browsable API not supporting multipart/form-data correctly. #5176

  • Fixed test_hyperlinked_related_lookup_url_encoded_exists. #5179

  • Make sure max_length is in FileField kwargs. #5186

  • Fix list_route & detail_route with kwargs contains curly bracket in url_path #5187

  • Add Django manage command to create a DRF user Token. #5188

  • Ensure API documentation templates do not check for user authentication #5162

  • Fix special case where OneToOneField is also primary key. #5192

  • Added aria-label and a new region for accessibility purposes in base.html #5196

  • Quote nested API parameters in api.js. #5214

  • Set ViewSet args/kwargs/request before dispatch. #5229

  • Added unicode support to SlugField. #5231

  • Fix HiddenField appears in Raw Data form initial content. #5259

  • Raise validation error on invalid timezone parsing. #5261

  • Fix SearchFilter to-many behavior/performance. #5264

  • Simplified chained comparisons and minor code fixes. #5276

  • RemoteUserAuthentication, docs, and tests. #5306

  • Revert “Cached the field’s root and context property” #5313

  • Fix introspection of list field in schema. #5326

  • Fix interactive docs for multiple nested and extra methods. #5334

  • Fix/remove undefined template var “schema” #5346


Date: 12th May 2017

  • Raise 404 if a URL lookup results in ValidationError. (#5126)

  • Honor http_method_names on class based view, when generating API schemas. (#5085)

  • Allow overridden get_limit in LimitOffsetPagination to return all records. (#4437)

  • Fix partial update for the ListSerializer. (#4222)

  • Render JSONField control correctly in browsable API. (#4999, #5042)

  • Raise validation errors for invalid datetime in given timezone. (#4987)

  • Support restricting doc & schema shortcuts to a subset of urls. (#4979)

  • Resolve SchemaGenerator error with paginators that have no page_size attribute. (#5086, #3692)

  • Resolve HyperlinkedRelatedField exception on string with %20 instead of space. (#4748, #5078)

  • Customizable schema generator classes. (#5082)

  • Update existing vary headers in response instead of overwriting them. (#5047)

  • Support passing .as_view() to view instance. (#5053)

  • Use correct exception handler when settings overridden on a view. (#5055, #5054)

  • Update Boolean field to support ‘yes’ and ‘no’ values. (#5038)

  • Fix unique validator for ChoiceField. (#5004, #5026, #5028)

  • JavaScript cleanups in API Docs. (#5001)

  • Include URL path regexs in API schemas where valid. (#5014)

  • Correctly set scheme in coreapi TokenAuthentication. (#5000, #4994)

  • HEAD requests on ViewSets should not return 405. (#4705, #4973, #4864)

  • Support usage of ‘source’ in extra_kwargs. (#4688)

  • Fix invalid content type for schema.js (#4968)

  • Fix DjangoFilterBackend inheritance issues. (#5089, #5117)


Date: 10th March 2017

  • Support for Safari & IE in API docs. (#4959, #4961)

  • Add missing mark_safe in API docs template tags. (#4952, #4953)

  • Add missing glyphicon fonts. (#4950, #4951)

  • Fix One-to-one fields in API docs. (#4955, #4956)

  • Test clean ups. (#4949)


Date: 9th March 2017

  • Ensure markdown dependency is optional. (#4947)


Date: 9th March 2017

See the release announcement.

3.5.x series


Date: 10th February 2017

  • Add max_length and min_length arguments for ListField. (#4877)

  • Add per-view custom exception handler support. (#4753)

  • Support disabling of declared fields on serializer subclasses. (#4764)

  • Support custom view names on @list_route and @detail_route endpoints. (#4821)

  • Correct labels for fields in login template when custom user model is used. (#4841)

  • Whitespace fixes for descriptions generated from docstrings. (#4759, #4869, #4870)

  • Better error reporting when schemas are returned by views without a schema renderer. (#4790)

  • Fix for returned response of PUT requests when prefetch_related is used. (#4661, #4668)

  • Fix for breadcrumb view names. (#4750)

  • Fix for RequestsClient ensuring fully qualified URLs. (#4678)

  • Fix for incorrect behavior of writable-nested fields check in some cases. (#4634, #4669)

  • Resolve Django deprecation warnings. (#4712)

  • Various cleanup of test cases.


Date: 7th November 2016

  • Don’t raise incorrect FilterSet deprecation warnings. (#4660, #4643, #4644)

  • Schema generation should not raise 404 when a view permission class does. (#4645, #4646)

  • Add autofocus support for input controls. (#4650)


Date: 1st November 2016

  • Restore exception tracebacks in Python 2.7. (#4631, #4638)

  • Properly display dicts in the admin console. (#4532, #4636)

  • Fix is_simple_callable with variable args, kwargs. (#4622, #4602)

  • Support ‘on’/’off’ literals with BooleanField. (#4640, #4624)

  • Enable cursor pagination of value querysets. (#4569)

  • Fix support of get_full_details() for Throttled exceptions. (#4627)

  • Fix FilterSet proxy. (#4620)

  • Make serializer fields import explicit. (#4628)

  • Drop redundant requests adapter. (#4639)


Date: 21st October 2016

  • Make rest_framework/compat.py imports. (#4612, #4608, #4601)

  • Fix bug in schema base path generation. (#4611, #4605)

  • Fix broken case of ListSerializer with single item. (#4609, #4606)

  • Remove bare raise for Python 3.5 compat. (#4600)


Date: 20th October 2016

3.4.x series


Date: 21st September 2016

  • Fallback behavior for request parsing when request.POST already accessed. (#3951, #4500)

  • Fix regression of RegexField. (#4489, #4490, #2617)

  • Missing comma in admin.html causing CSRF error. (#4472, #4473)

  • Fix response rendering with empty context. (#4495)

  • Fix indentation regression in API listing. (#4493)

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect value is set to ResolverMatch.func_name of api_view decorated view. (#4465, #4462)

  • Fix APIClient.get() when path contains unicode arguments (#4458)


Date: 23rd August 2016

  • Fix malformed Javascript in browsable API. (#4435)

  • Skip HiddenField from Schema fields. (#4425, #4429)

  • Improve Create to show the original exception traceback. (#3508)

  • Fix AdminRenderer display of PK only related fields. (#4419, #4423)


Date: 19th August 2016

  • Improve debug error handling. ([#4416][gh4416], [#4409][gh4409])

  • Allow custom CSRF_HEADER_NAME setting. ([#4415][gh4415], [#4410][gh4410])

  • Include .action attribute on viewsets when generating schemas. ([#4408][gh4408], [#4398][gh4398])

  • Do not include request.FILES items in request.POST. ([#4407][gh4407])

  • Fix rendering of checkbox multiple. ([#4403][gh4403])

  • Fix docstring of Field.get_default. ([#4404][gh4404])

  • Replace utf8 character with its ascii counterpart in README. ([#4412][gh4412])


Date: 12th August 2016

  • Ensure views are fully initialized when generating schemas. (#4373, #4382, #4383, #4279, #4278)

  • Add form field descriptions to schemas. (#4387)

  • Fix category generation for schema endpoints. (#4391, #4394, #4390, #4386, #4376, #4329)

  • Don’t strip empty query params when paginating. (#4392, #4393, #4260)

  • Do not re-run query for empty results with LimitOffsetPagination. (#4201, #4388)

  • Stricter type validation for CharField. (#4380, #3394)

  • RelatedField.choices should preserve non-string values. (#4111, #4379, #3365)

  • Test case for rendering checkboxes in vertical form style. (#4378, #3868, #3868)

  • Show error traceback HTML in browsable API (#4042, #4172)

  • Fix handling of ALLOWED_VERSIONS and no DEFAULT_VERSION. #4370

  • Allow max_digits=None on DecimalField. (#4377, #4372)

  • Limit queryset when rendering relational choices. (#4375, #4122, #3329, #3330, #3877)

  • Resolve form display with ChoiceField, MultipleChoiceField and non-string choices. (#4374, #4119, #4121, #4137, #4120)

  • Fix call to TemplateHTMLRenderer.resolve_context() fallback method. (#4371)


Date: 5th August 2016

  • Include fallback for users of older TemplateHTMLRenderer internal API. ([#4361][gh4361])


Date: 5th August 2016

  • Include kwargs passed to ‘as_view’ when generating schemas. ([#4359][gh4359], [#4330][gh4330], [#4331][gh4331])

  • Access request.user.is_authenticated as property not method, under Django 1.10+ ([#4358][gh4358], [#4354][gh4354])

  • Filter HEAD out from schemas. ([#4357][gh4357])

  • extra_kwargs takes precedence over uniqueness kwargs. ([#4198][gh4198], [#4199][gh4199], [#4349][gh4349])

  • Correct descriptions when tabs are used in code indentation. ([#4345][gh4345], [#4347][gh4347])*

  • Change template context generation in TemplateHTMLRenderer. ([#4236][gh4236])

  • Serializer defaults should not be included in partial updates. ([#4346][gh4346], [#3565][gh3565])

  • Consistent behavior & descriptive error from FileUploadParser when filename not included. ([#4340][gh4340], [#3610][gh3610], [#4292][gh4292], [#4296][gh4296])

  • DecimalField quantizes incoming digitals. ([#4339][gh4339], [#4318][gh4318])

  • Handle non-string input for IP fields. ([#4335][gh4335], [#4336][gh4336], [#4338][gh4338])

  • Fix leading slash handling when Schema generation includes a root URL. ([#4332][gh4332])

  • Test cases for DictField with allow_null options. ([#4348][gh4348])

  • Update tests from Django 1.10 beta to Django 1.10. ([#4344][gh4344])


Date: 28th July 2016

  • Added root_renderers argument to DefaultRouter. ([#4323][gh4323], [#4268][gh4268])

  • Added url and schema_url arguments. ([#4321][gh4321], [#4308][gh4308], [#4305][gh4305])

  • Unique together checks should apply to read-only fields which have a default. ([#4316][gh4316], [#4294][gh4294])

  • Set view.format_kwarg in schema generator. ([#4293][gh4293], [#4315][gh4315])

  • Fix schema generator for views with pagination_class = None. ([#4314][gh4314], [#4289][gh4289])

  • Fix schema generator for views with no get_serializer_class. ([#4265][gh4265], [#4285][gh4285])

  • Fixes for media type parameters in Accept and Content-Type headers. ([#4287][gh4287], [#4313][gh4313], [#4281][gh4281])

  • Use verbose_name instead of object_name in error messages. ([#4299][gh4299])

  • Minor version update to Twitter Bootstrap. ([#4307][gh4307])

  • SearchFilter raises error when using with related field. ([#4302][gh4302], [#4303][gh4303], [#4298][gh4298])

  • Adding support for RFC 4918 status codes. ([#4291][gh4291])

  • Add LICENSE.md to the built wheel. ([#4270][gh4270])

  • Serializing “complex” field returns None instead of the value since 3.4 ([#4272][gh4272], [#4273][gh4273], [#4288][gh4288])


Date: 14th July 2016

  • Don’t strip microseconds in JSON output. ([#4256][gh4256])

  • Two slightly different iso 8601 datetime serialization. ([#4255][gh4255])

  • Resolve incorrect inclusion of media type parameters. ([#4254][gh4254])

  • Response Content-Type potentially malformed. ([#4253][gh4253])

  • Fix setup.py error on some platforms. ([#4246][gh4246])

  • Move alternate formats in coreapi into separate packages. ([#4244][gh4244])

  • Add localize keyword argument to DecimalField. ([#4233][gh4233])

  • Fix issues with routers for custom list-route and detail-routes. ([#4229][gh4229])

  • Namespace versioning with nested namespaces. ([#4219][gh4219])

  • Robust uniqueness checks. ([#4217][gh4217])

  • Minor refactoring of must_call_distinct. ([#4215][gh4215])

  • Overridable offset cutoff in CursorPagination. ([#4212][gh4212])

  • Pass through strings as-in with date/time fields. ([#4196][gh4196])

  • Add test confirming that required=False is valid on a relational field. ([#4195][gh4195])

  • In LimitOffsetPagination limit=0 should revert to default limit. ([#4194][gh4194])

  • Exclude read_only=True fields from unique_together validation & add docs. ([#4192][gh4192])

  • Handle bytestrings in JSON. ([#4191][gh4191])

  • JSONField(binary=True) represents using binary strings, which JSONRenderer does not support. ([#4187][gh4187])

  • JSONField(binary=True) represents using binary strings, which JSONRenderer does not support. ([#4185][gh4185])

  • More robust form rendering in the browsable API. ([#4181][gh4181])

  • Empty cases of .validated_data and .errors as lists not dicts for ListSerializer. ([#4180][gh4180])

  • Schemas & client libraries. ([#4179][gh4179])

  • Removed AUTH_USER_MODEL compat property. ([#4176][gh4176])

  • Clean up existing deprecation warnings. ([#4166][gh4166])

  • Django 1.10 support. ([#4158][gh4158])

  • Updated jQuery version to 1.12.4. ([#4157][gh4157])

  • More robust default behavior on OrderingFilter. ([#4156][gh4156])

  • description.py codes and tests removal. ([#4153][gh4153])

  • Wrap guardian.VERSION in tuple. ([#4149][gh4149])

  • Refine validator for fields with <source=> kwargs. ([#4146][gh4146])

  • Fix None values representation in childs of ListField, DictField. ([#4118][gh4118])

  • Resolve TimeField representation for midnight value. ([#4107][gh4107])

  • Set proper status code in AdminRenderer for the redirection after POST/DELETE requests. ([#4106][gh4106])

  • TimeField render returns None instead of 00:00:00. ([#4105][gh4105])

  • Fix incorrectly named zh-hans and zh-hant locale path. ([#4103][gh4103])

  • Prevent raising exception when limit is 0. ([#4098][gh4098])

  • TokenAuthentication: Allow custom keyword in the header. ([#4097][gh4097])

  • Handle incorrectly padded HTTP basic auth header. ([#4090][gh4090])

  • LimitOffset pagination crashes Browseable API when limit=0. ([#4079][gh4079])

  • Fixed DecimalField arbitrary precision support. ([#4075][gh4075])

  • Added support for custom CSRF cookie names. ([#4049][gh4049])

  • Fix regression introduced by #4035. ([#4041][gh4041])

  • No auth view failing permission should raise 403. ([#4040][gh4040])

  • Fix string_types / text_types confusion. ([#4025][gh4025])

  • Do not list related field choices in OPTIONS requests. ([#4021][gh4021])

  • Fix typo. ([#4008][gh4008])

  • Reorder initializing the view. ([#4006][gh4006])

  • Type error in DjangoObjectPermissionsFilter on Python 3.4. ([#4005][gh4005])

  • Fixed use of deprecated Query.aggregates. ([#4003][gh4003])

  • Fix blank lines around docstrings. ([#4002][gh4002])

  • Fixed admin pagination when limit is 0. ([#3990][gh3990])

  • OrderingFilter adjustments. ([#3983][gh3983])

  • Non-required serializer related fields. ([#3976][gh3976])

  • Using safer calling way of “@api_view” in tutorial. ([#3971][gh3971])

  • ListSerializer doesn’t handle unique_together constraints. ([#3970][gh3970])

  • Add missing migration file. ([#3968][gh3968])

  • OrderingFilter should call get_serializer_class() to determine default fields. ([#3964][gh3964])

  • Remove old Django checks from tests and compat. ([#3953][gh3953])

  • Support callable as the value of initial for any serializer.Field. ([#3943][gh3943])

  • Prevented unnecessary distinct() call in SearchFilter. ([#3938][gh3938])

  • Fix None UUID ForeignKey serialization. ([#3936][gh3936])

  • Drop EOL Django 1.7. ([#3933][gh3933])

  • Add missing space in serializer error message. ([#3926][gh3926])

  • Fixed _force_text_recursive typo. ([#3908][gh3908])

  • Attempt to address Django 2.0 deprecate warnings related to field.rel. ([#3906][gh3906])

  • Fix parsing multipart data using a nested serializer with list. ([#3820][gh3820])

  • Resolving APIs URL to different namespaces. ([#3816][gh3816])

  • Do not HTML-escape help_text in Browsable API forms. ([#3812][gh3812])

  • OPTIONS fetches and shows all possible foreign keys in choices field. ([#3751][gh3751])

  • Django 1.9 deprecation warnings ([#3729][gh3729])

  • Test case for #3598 ([#3710][gh3710])

  • Adding support for multiple values for search filter. ([#3541][gh3541])

  • Use get_serializer_class in ordering filter. ([#3487][gh3487])

  • Serializers with many=True should return empty list rather than empty dict. ([#3476][gh3476])

  • LimitOffsetPagination limit=0 fix. ([#3444][gh3444])

  • Enable Validators to defer string evaluation and handle new string format. ([#3438][gh3438])

  • Unique validator is executed and breaks if field is invalid. ([#3381][gh3381])

  • Do not ignore overridden View.get_view_name() in breadcrumbs. ([#3273][gh3273])

  • Retry form rendering when rendering with serializer fails. ([#3164][gh3164])

  • Unique constraint prevents nested serializers from updating. ([#2996][gh2996])

  • Uniqueness validators should not be run for excluded (read_only) fields. ([#2848][gh2848])

  • UniqueValidator raises exception for nested objects. ([#2403][gh2403])

  • lookup_type is deprecated in favor of lookup_expr. ([#4259][gh4259])

3.3.x series


Date: 14th March 2016.

  • Remove version string from templates. Thanks to @blag for the report and fixes. ([#3878][gh3878], [#3913][gh3913], [#3912][gh3912])

  • Fixes vertical html layout for BooleanField. Thanks to Mikalai Radchuk for the fix. ([#3910][gh3910])

  • Silenced deprecation warnings on Django 1.8. Thanks to Simon Charette for the fix. ([#3903][gh3903])

  • Internationalization for authtoken. Thanks to Michael Nacharov for the fix. ([#3887][gh3887], [#3968][gh3968])

  • Fix Token model as abstract when the authtoken application isn’t declared. Thanks to Adam Thomas for the report. ([#3860][gh3860], [#3858][gh3858])

  • Improve Markdown version compatibility. Thanks to Michael J. Schultz for the fix. ([#3604][gh3604], [#3842][gh3842])

  • QueryParameterVersioning does not use DEFAULT_VERSION setting. Thanks to Brad Montgomery for the fix. ([#3833][gh3833])

  • Add an explicit on_delete on the models. Thanks to Mads Jensen for the fix. ([#3832][gh3832])

  • Fix DateField.to_representation to work with Python 2 unicode. Thanks to Mikalai Radchuk for the fix. ([#3819][gh3819])

  • Fixed TimeField not handling string times. Thanks to Areski Belaid for the fix. ([#3809][gh3809])

  • Avoid updates of Meta.extra_kwargs. Thanks to Kevin Massey for the report and fix. ([#3805][gh3805], [#3804][gh3804])

  • Fix nested validation error being rendered incorrectly. Thanks to Craig de Stigter for the fix. ([#3801][gh3801])

  • Document how to avoid CSRF and missing button issues with django-crispy-forms. Thanks to Emmanuelle Delescolle, José Padilla and Luis San Pablo for the report, analysis and fix. ([#3787][gh3787], [#3636][gh3636], [#3637][gh3637])

  • Improve Rest Framework Settings file setup time. Thanks to Miles Hutson for the report and Mads Jensen for the fix. ([#3786][gh3786], [#3815][gh3815])

  • Improve authtoken compatibility with Django 1.9. Thanks to S. Andrew Sheppard for the fix. ([#3785][gh3785])

  • Fix Min/MaxValueValidator transfer from a model’s DecimalField. Thanks to Kevin Brown for the fix. ([#3774][gh3774])

  • Improve HTML title in the Browsable API. Thanks to Mike Lissner for the report and fix. ([#3769][gh3769])

  • Fix AutoFilterSet to inherit from default_filter_set. Thanks to Tom Linford for the fix. ([#3753][gh3753])

  • Fix transifex config to handle the new Chinese language codes. Thanks to @nypisces for the report and fix. ([#3739][gh3739])

  • DateTimeField does not handle empty values correctly. Thanks to Mick Parker for the report and fix. ([#3731][gh3731], [#3726][gh3728])

  • Raise error when setting a removed rest_framework setting. Thanks to Luis San Pablo for the fix. ([#3715][gh3715])

  • Add missing csrf_token in AdminRenderer post form. Thanks to Piotr Śniegowski for the fix. ([#3703][gh3703])

  • Refactored _get_reverse_relationships() to use correct to_field. Thanks to Benjamin Phillips for the fix. ([#3696][gh3696])

  • Document the use of get_queryset for RelatedField. Thanks to Ryan Hiebert for the fix. ([#3605][gh3605])

  • Fix empty pk detection in HyperlinkRelatedField.get_url. Thanks to @jslang for the fix ([#3962][gh3962])


Date: 14th December 2015.

  • ListField enforces input is a list. ([#3513][gh3513])

  • Fix regression hiding raw data form. ([#3600][gh3600], [#3578][gh3578])

  • Fix Python 3.5 compatibility. ([#3534][gh3534], [#3626][gh3626])

  • Allow setting a custom Django Paginator in pagination.PageNumberPagination. ([#3631][gh3631], [#3684][gh3684])

  • Fix relational fields without to_fields attribute. ([#3635][gh3635], [#3634][gh3634])

  • Fix template.render deprecation warnings for Django 1.9. ([#3654][gh3654])

  • Sort response headers in browsable API renderer. ([#3655][gh3655])

  • Use related_objects api for Django 1.9+. ([#3656][gh3656], [#3252][gh3252])

  • Add confirm modal when deleting. ([#3228][gh3228], [#3662][gh3662])

  • Reveal previously hidden AttributeErrors and TypeErrors while calling has[object]permissions. ([#3668][gh3668])

  • Make DRF compatible with multi template engine in Django 1.8. ([#3672][gh3672])

  • Update NestedBoundField to also handle empty string when rendering its form. ([#3677][gh3677])

  • Fix UUID validation to properly catch invalid input types. ([#3687][gh3687], [#3679][gh3679])

  • Fix caching issues. ([#3628][gh3628], [#3701][gh3701])

  • Fix Admin and API browser for views without a filter_class. ([#3705][gh3705], [#3596][gh3596], [#3597][gh3597])

  • Add app_name to rest_framework.urls. ([#3714][gh3714])

  • Improve authtoken’s views to support url versioning. ([#3718][gh3718], [#3723][gh3723])


Date: 4th November 2015.

  • Resolve parsing bug when accessing request.POST ([#3592][gh3592])

  • Correctly deal with to_field referring to primary key. ([#3593][gh3593])

  • Allow filter HTML to render when no filter_class is defined. ([#3560][gh3560])

  • Fix admin rendering issues. ([#3564][gh3564], [#3556][gh3556])

  • Fix issue with DecimalValidator. ([#3568][gh3568])


Date: 28th October 2015.

  • HTML controls for filters. ([#3315][gh3315])

  • Forms API. ([#3475][gh3475])

  • AJAX browsable API. ([#3410][gh3410])

  • Added JSONField. ([#3454][gh3454])

  • Correctly map to_field when creating ModelSerializer relational fields. ([#3526][gh3526])

  • Include keyword arguments when mapping FilePathField to a serializer field. ([#3536][gh3536])

  • Map appropriate model error_messages on ModelSerializer uniqueness constraints. ([#3435][gh3435])

  • Include max_length constraint for ModelSerializer fields mapped from TextField. ([#3509][gh3509])

  • Added support for Django 1.9. ([#3450][gh3450], [#3525][gh3525])

  • Removed support for Django 1.5 & 1.6. ([#3421][gh3421], [#3429][gh3429])

  • Removed ‘south’ migrations. ([#3495][gh3495])

3.2.x series


Date: 27th October 2015.

  • Escape username in optional logout tag. ([#3550][gh3550])


Date: 21th September 2015.

  • Don’t error on missing ViewSet.search_fields attribute. ([#3324][gh3324], [#3323][gh3323])

  • Fix allow_empty not working on serializers with many=True. ([#3361][gh3361], [#3364][gh3364])

  • Let DurationField accepts integers. ([#3359][gh3359])

  • Multi-level dictionaries not supported in multipart requests. ([#3314][gh3314])

  • Fix ListField truncation on HTTP PATCH ([#3415][gh3415], [#2761][gh2761])


Date: 24th August 2015.

  • Added html_cutoff and html_cutoff_text for limiting select dropdowns. ([#3313][gh3313])

  • Added regex style to SearchFilter. ([#3316][gh3316])

  • Resolve issues with setting blank HTML fields. ([#3318][gh3318]) ([#3321][gh3321])

  • Correctly display existing ‘select multiple’ values in browsable API forms. ([#3290][gh3290])

  • Resolve duplicated validation message for IPAddressField. ([#3249[gh3249]) ([#3250][gh3250])

  • Fix to ensure admin renderer continues to work when pagination is disabled. ([#3275][gh3275])

  • Resolve error with LimitOffsetPagination when count=0, offset=0. ([#3303][gh3303])


Date: 13th August 2015.

  • Add display_value() method for use when displaying relational field select inputs. ([#3254][gh3254])

  • Fix issue with BooleanField checkboxes incorrectly displaying as checked. ([#3258][gh3258])

  • Ensure empty checkboxes properly set BooleanField to False in all cases. ([#2776][gh2776])

  • Allow WSGIRequest.FILES property without raising incorrect deprecated error. ([#3261][gh3261])

  • Resolve issue with rendering nested serializers in forms. ([#3260][gh3260])

  • Raise an error if user accidentally pass a serializer instance to a response, rather than data. ([#3241][gh3241])


Date: 7th August 2015.

  • Fix for relational select widgets rendering without any choices. ([#3237][gh3237])

  • Fix for 1, 0 rendering as true, false in the admin interface. [#3227][gh3227])

  • Fix for ListFields with single value in HTML form input. ([#3238][gh3238])

  • Allow request.FILES for compat with Django’s HTTPRequest class. ([#3239][gh3239])


Date: 6th August 2015.

  • Add AdminRenderer. ([#2926][gh2926])

  • Add FilePathField. ([#1854][gh1854])

  • Add allow_empty to ListField. ([#2250][gh2250])

  • Support django-guardian 1.3. ([#3165][gh3165])

  • Support grouped choices. ([#3225][gh3225])

  • Support error forms in browsable API. ([#3024][gh3024])

  • Allow permission classes to customize the error message. ([#2539][gh2539])

  • Support source=<method> on hyperlinked fields. ([#2690][gh2690])

  • ListField(allow_null=True) now allows null as the list value, not null items in the list. ([#2766][gh2766])

  • ManyToMany() maps to allow_empty=False, ManyToMany(blank=True) maps to allow_empty=True. ([#2804][gh2804])

  • Support custom serialization styles for primary key fields. ([#2789][gh2789])

  • OPTIONS requests support nested representations. ([#2915][gh2915])

  • Set view.action == "metadata" for viewsets with OPTIONS requests. ([#3115][gh3115])

  • Support allow_blank on UUIDField. ([#3130][gh#3130])

  • Do not display view docstrings with 401 or 403 response codes. ([#3216][gh3216])

  • Resolve Django 1.8 deprecation warnings. ([#2886][gh2886])

  • Fix for DecimalField validation. ([#3139][gh3139])

  • Fix behavior of allow_blank=False when used with trim_whitespace=True. ([#2712][gh2712])

  • Fix issue with some field combinations incorrectly mapping to an invalid allow_blank argument. ([#3011][gh3011])

  • Fix for output representations with prefetches and modified querysets. ([#2704][gh2704], [#2727][gh2727])

  • Fix assertion error when CursorPagination is provided with certain invalid query parameters. (#2920)[gh2920].

  • Fix UnicodeDecodeError when invalid characters included in header with TokenAuthentication. ([#2928][gh2928])

  • Fix transaction rollbacks with @non_atomic_requests decorator. ([#3016][gh3016])

  • Fix duplicate results issue with Oracle databases using SearchFilter. ([#2935][gh2935])

  • Fix checkbox alignment and rendering in browsable API forms. ([#2783][gh2783])

  • Fix for unsaved file objects which should use "url": null in the representation. ([#2759][gh2759])

  • Fix field value rendering in browsable API. ([#2416][gh2416])

  • Fix HStoreField to include allow_blank=True in DictField mapping. ([#2659][gh2659])

  • Numerous other cleanups, improvements to error messaging, private API & minor fixes.

3.1.x series


Date: 4th June 2015.

  • Add DurationField. ([#2481][gh2481], [#2989][gh2989])

  • Add format argument to UUIDField. ([#2788][gh2788], [#3000][gh3000])

  • MultipleChoiceField empties incorrectly on a partial update using multipart/form-data ([#2993][gh2993], [#2894][gh2894])

  • Fix a bug in options related to read-only RelatedField. ([#2981][gh2981], [#2811][gh2811])

  • Fix nested serializers with unique_together relations. ([#2975][gh2975])

  • Allow unexpected values for ChoiceField/MultipleChoiceField representations. ([#2839][gh2839], [#2940][gh2940])

  • Rollback the transaction on error if ATOMIC_REQUESTS is set. ([#2887][gh2887], [#2034][gh2034])

  • Set the action on a view when override_method regardless of its None-ness. ([#2933][gh2933])

  • DecimalField accepts 2E+2 as 200 and validates decimal place correctly. ([#2948][gh2948], [#2947][gh2947])

  • Support basic authentication with custom UserModel that change username. ([#2952][gh2952])

  • IPAddressField improvements. ([#2747][gh2747], [#2618][gh2618], [#3008][gh3008])

  • Improve DecimalField for easier subclassing. ([#2695][gh2695])


Date: 13rd May 2015.

  • DateField.to_representation can handle str and empty values. ([#2656][gh2656], [#2687][gh2687], [#2869][gh2869])

  • Use default reason phrases from HTTP standard. ([#2764][gh2764], [#2763][gh2763])

  • Raise error when ModelSerializer used with abstract model. ([#2757][gh2757], [#2630][gh2630])

  • Handle reversal of non-API view_name in HyperLinkedRelatedField ([#2724][gh2724], [#2711][gh2711])

  • Don’t require pk strictly for related fields. ([#2745][gh2745], [#2754][gh2754])

  • Metadata detects null boolean field type. ([#2762][gh2762])

  • Proper handling of depth in nested serializers. ([#2798][gh2798])

  • Display viewset without paginator. ([#2807][gh2807])

  • Don’t check for deprecated .model attribute in permissions ([#2818][gh2818])

  • Restrict integer field to integers and strings. ([#2835][gh2835], [#2836][gh2836])

  • Improve IntegerField to use compiled decimal regex. ([#2853][gh2853])

  • Prevent empty queryset to raise AssertionError. ([#2862][gh2862])

  • DjangoModelPermissions rely on get_queryset. ([#2863][gh2863])

  • Check AcceptHeaderVersioning with content negotiation in place. ([#2868][gh2868])

  • Allow DjangoObjectPermissions to use views that define get_queryset. ([#2905][gh2905])


Date: 23rd March 2015.

  • Security fix: Escape tab switching cookie name in browsable API.

  • Display input forms in browsable API if serializer_class is used, even when get_serializer method does not exist on the view. ([#2743][gh2743])

  • Use a password input for the AuthTokenSerializer. ([#2741][gh2741])

  • Fix missing anchor closing tag after next button. ([#2691][gh2691])

  • Fix lookup_url_kwarg handling in viewsets. ([#2685][gh2685], [#2591][gh2591])

  • Fix problem with importing rest_framework.views in apps.py ([#2678][gh2678])

  • LimitOffsetPagination raises TypeError if PAGE_SIZE not set ([#2667][gh2667], [#2700][gh2700])

  • German translation for min_value field error message references max_value. ([#2645][gh2645])

  • Remove MergeDict. ([#2640][gh2640])

  • Support serializing unsaved models with related fields. ([#2637][gh2637], [#2641][gh2641])

  • Allow blank/null on radio.html choices. ([#2631][gh2631])


Date: 5th March 2015.

For full details see the 3.1 release announcement.

3.0.x series


Date: 10th February 2015.

  • Fix a bug where _closable_objects breaks pickling. ([#1850][gh1850], [#2492][gh2492])

  • Allow non-standard User models with Throttling. ([#2524][gh2524])

  • Support custom User.db_table in TokenAuthentication migration. ([#2479][gh2479])

  • Fix misleading AttributeError tracebacks on Request objects. ([#2530][gh2530], [#2108][gh2108])

  • ManyRelatedField.get_value clearing field on partial update. ([#2475][gh2475])

  • Removed ‘.model’ shortcut from code. ([#2486][gh2486])

  • Fix detail_route and list_route mutable argument. ([#2518][gh2518])

  • Prefetching the user object when getting the token in TokenAuthentication. ([#2519][gh2519])


Date: 28th January 2015.

  • Django 1.8a1 support. ([#2425][gh2425], [#2446][gh2446], [#2441][gh2441])

  • Add DictField and support Django 1.8 HStoreField. ([#2451][gh2451], [#2106][gh2106])

  • Add UUIDField and support Django 1.8 UUIDField. ([#2448][gh2448], [#2433][gh2433], [#2432][gh2432])

  • BaseRenderer.render now raises NotImplementedError. ([#2434][gh2434])

  • Fix timedelta JSON serialization on Python 2.6. ([#2430][gh2430])

  • ResultDict and ResultList now appear as standard dict/list. ([#2421][gh2421])

  • Fix visible HiddenField in the HTML form of the web browsable API page. ([#2410][gh2410])

  • Use OrderedDict for RelatedField.choices. ([#2408][gh2408])

  • Fix ident format when using HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR. ([#2401][gh2401])

  • Fix invalid key with memcached while using throttling. ([#2400][gh2400])

  • Fix FileUploadParser with version 3.x. ([#2399][gh2399])

  • Fix the serializer inheritance. ([#2388][gh2388])

  • Fix caching issues with ReturnDict. ([#2360][gh2360])


Date: 8th January 2015.

  • Fix MinValueValidator on models.DateField. ([#2369][gh2369])

  • Fix serializer missing context when pagination is used. ([#2355][gh2355])

  • Namespaced router URLs are now supported by the DefaultRouter. ([#2351][gh2351])

  • required=False allows omission of value for output. ([#2342][gh2342])

  • Use textarea input for models.TextField. ([#2340][gh2340])

  • Use custom ListSerializer for pagination if required. ([#2331][gh2331], [#2327][gh2327])

  • Better behavior with null and ‘’ for blank HTML fields. ([#2330][gh2330])

  • Ensure fields in exclude are model fields. ([#2319][gh2319])

  • Fix IntegerField and max_length argument incompatibility. ([#2317][gh2317])

  • Fix the YAML encoder for 3.0 serializers. ([#2315][gh2315], [#2283][gh2283])

  • Fix the behavior of empty HTML fields. ([#2311][gh2311], [#1101][gh1101])

  • Fix Metaclass attribute depth ignoring fields attribute. ([#2287][gh2287])

  • Fix format_suffix_patterns to work with Django’s i18n_patterns. ([#2278][gh2278])

  • Ability to customize router URLs for custom actions, using url_path. ([#2010][gh2010])

  • Don’t install Django REST Framework as egg. ([#2386][gh2386])


Date: 17th December 2014.

  • Ensure request.user is made available to response middleware. ([#2155][gh2155])

  • Client.logout() also cancels any existing force_authenticate. ([#2218][gh2218], [#2259][gh2259])

  • Extra assertions and better checks to preventing incorrect serializer API use. ([#2228][gh2228], [#2234][gh2234], [#2262][gh2262], [#2263][gh2263], [#2266][gh2266], [#2267][gh2267], [#2289][gh2289], [#2291][gh2291])

  • Fixed min_length message for CharField. ([#2255][gh2255])

  • Fix UnicodeDecodeError, which can occur on serializer repr. ([#2270][gh2270], [#2279][gh2279])

  • Fix empty HTML values when a default is provided. ([#2280][gh2280], [#2294][gh2294])

  • Fix SlugRelatedField raising UnicodeEncodeError when used as a multiple choice input. ([#2290][gh2290])


Date: 11th December 2014.

  • More helpful error message when the default Serializer create() fails. ([#2013][gh2013])

  • Raise error when attempting to save serializer if data is not valid. ([#2098][gh2098])

  • Fix FileUploadParser breaks with empty file names and multiple upload handlers. ([#2109][gh2109])

  • Improve BindingDict to support standard dict-functions. ([#2135][gh2135], [#2163][gh2163])

  • Add validate() to ListSerializer. ([#2168][gh2168], [#2225][gh2225], [#2232][gh2232])

  • Fix JSONP renderer failing to escape some characters. ([#2169][gh2169], [#2195][gh2195])

  • Add missing default style for FileField. ([#2172][gh2172])

  • Actions are required when calling ViewSet.as_view(). ([#2175][gh2175])

  • Add allow_blank to ChoiceField. ([#2184][gh2184], [#2239][gh2239])

  • Cosmetic fixes in the HTML renderer. ([#2187][gh2187])

  • Raise error if fields on serializer is not a list of strings. ([#2193][gh2193], [#2213][gh2213])

  • Improve checks for nested creates and updates. ([#2194][gh2194], [#2196][gh2196])

  • validated_attrs argument renamed to validated_data in Serializer create()/update(). ([#2197][gh2197])

  • Remove deprecated code to reflect the dropped Django versions. ([#2200][gh2200])

  • Better serializer errors for nested writes. ([#2202][gh2202], [#2215][gh2215])

  • Fix pagination and custom permissions incompatibility. ([#2205][gh2205])

  • Raise error if fields on serializer is not a list of strings. ([#2213][gh2213])

  • Add missing translation markers for relational fields. ([#2231][gh2231])

  • Improve field lookup behavior for dicts/mappings. ([#2244][gh2244], [#2243][gh2243])

  • Optimized hyperlinked PK. ([#2242][gh2242])


Date: 1st December 2014

For full details see the 3.0 release announcement.

For older release notes, please see the version 2.x documentation.

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